How long have you been planning to purchase a new Air Conditioning system for your home?
If you are like most folks… this invoice is not in the budget.

If your HVAC system is “fairly new”… you have more time to “save up” for it, right?

Look, at Hot 2 Cold, we know A/C… We leave the money to the bankers.

RenewPACE offers an option that we believe you should consider if you are scrambling to figure out how to afford this “commonly overlooked” expense.


RenewPACE Logos

Hot 2 Cold does not make loans or assessments and is neither a
lender nor a broker. Financing is provided by energy fnance leader Renew
Financial in cooperation with local governments, and fnancing approvals are
subject to standard credit acceptance and documentation requirements.

You may be eligible to leverage up to 20% of the value of your home for energy efficiency upgrades.


RenewPACE is a government approved financing program from national
energy finance leader Renew Financial. It provides upfront funding
for your home energy efciency, renewable energy, and wind resistance
improvements. Simply apply, work with a RenewPACE Registered
Contractor, like Hot 2 Cold, to complete the projects, and repay the
financing on your property tax bill over the course of up to 25* years.
With RenewPACE, there are no out of pocket costs and acceptance is
not based on your FICO score.

*HVAC projects are limited to a 15 year term.

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